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Adult Tennis

Whether you are new to tennis or have been playing for years, there is something to suit you at Arthur Hicks Tennis. Look up our “squad” group training or our weekly matchplay evenings or message us to find out more information


 Tennis Xpress is an easy, active, and fun coaching program for adults that introduces the basic skills of tennis while teaching players the scoring system and the rules. 

Tennis Players
Tennis Players Shaking Hands


 Improver means not a complete beginner and that a player can start to get some control over the ball in order to be able to rally a little. This player will need to work on technique in order to be able to get groundstroke consistency. During this course the player will gradually be able to get to the back of the court and rally with some success. 


Intermediate is a broad group with players just able to rally in the full court (20 shots or so) and hit basic serves up to those who are not far off advanced level. 

Tennis Serve


 Advanced player has the ability to be able to rally on the backhand crosscourt to another advanced player in the full court. Their backhand will most probably need technical work, but they are able to find a way to get some depth and consistency. The vast majority of advanced players will be more comfortable doing this exercise forehand to forehand. They have a variety of shots in their arsenal. 

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